10 Ways to Improve Running

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Running is one of the most enduring exercise methods, but are you utilizing it to it’s fullest potential?  Below are 10 ways to improve running, and help you net the best quality run.

1. Relax Shoulders

Relax your shoulders to allow for fluid, circular arm movements.  More like you’re chilling at the bar, than standing at military attention.

2. Swing Arms

Swing arms back and forth, not across the body.  Think choo-choo train, not the Twist!

3. Lean Forward

Lean slightly forward, but make sure you aren’t bending at the waist.

4. Unclench Hands

Keep hands in unclenched fists, as if holding the last unbroken potato chip from the bag.

5. Lead into Incline

When running up a hill, lead into the incline, but don’t hunch over at the waist.  Also, keep the arms moving powerfully.

6. Align Hips

Align your hips directly below the torso.  Avoid sticking your butt out (Don’t pull a Miley.)

7. Lift Knees Slightly

Lift knees only slightly for a more efficient stride.  High knees might be a fun exercise, but not an efficient way to distance run.

8. Reduce Stride

Reduce stride length and increase stride frequency.  Aim for 180 ft. strikes per minute.  That’s the same pace as OutKast’s “Hey Ya.”

9. Land Underneath

Feet should land underneath the body, minimizing the heel strike.   Running with a heel landing can contribute to back and knee pain.

10. Shorten Stride

Shorter strides mean less wear and tear and improve efficiency during your run.


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