7 day Spring Training Challenge

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With the added hours of sunshine that spring affords us, most of us will break our winter blues and head outside.   Spring is a time for renewal and cleanup, and that includes your workout routine.  Cleaning up your routine is just the start though, isn’t it?  Spring training will also help kick start your training to obtain that killer summer bikini bod.

We here at Sole want to start you off with an easy-to-follow running plan.   This spring training will not only kick-start the calorie burning process, but also allow you to progress to more aggressive workout plans that you can tailor to your specific needs.  You can also flip or substitute mid-week suggestions, after all you will know your limits the best and we want you to hit those limits every day.

Days 1 & 2 –

  • Walk for 10 minutes
  • Jog for 7 minutes
  • Repeat this 3 times

Days 3 & 4 –

  • Jog for 10 minutes, sprinting every other minute (jog, spring, jog, spring)
  • Repeat 3 times
  • Walk for 5 minutes
  • Add some plyometric workouts on these days, which can include pushups, jump squats and lateral shuffles (40 seconds each with 1-minute rest intervals in between each set)

Days 5 & 6 –

  • Jog for 30 minutes, lunge and sprint every other minute
  • End it with a 5-minute cool down walk
  • Add 50 jumping jacks, and 30 crunches on these days

Day 7 –

  • Run for 10 minutes
  • Jog for 20, sprinting every other minute
  • Finish with a 1-minute sprint at your maximum
  • Add Yoga to relax and recoup after your brilliant weeklong spring training!

Now that you’re spring training boot camp has been successfully completed, try implementing workout regimes that target problem areas.  For helpful workouts and tips check out our Pinterest board by clicking: here.  And for proper running technique, check out our former blog post by clicking: here.

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