Advantages of an Elliptical Versus a Rower

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E35_back_1Are you trying to pick out a piece of workout equipment for your home gym? If so, you will find that there are many different types of workout machines available to select from. Two of these options include the elliptical and the rower. While both pieces of equipment can go a long way toward helping you increase muscle strength and cardio activity, the elliptical has some distinct advantages that the rower simply cannot achieve. Here are the advantages of an elliptical versus a rower.

Advantages of the Elliptical #1: Safety

One distinct advantage of the elliptical is the fact that it offers a greater level of safety than the rower. While all workout equipment must meet certain safety requirements, it is far easier to use the rower improperly than it is to improperly use the elliptical. By using the rower improperly, the user runs the risk of placing undue stress on the lower back, which can lead to strains and possible injuries. Furthermore, while the rower offers a low-impact workout just as the elliptical, it does put extra stress on the knees as the legs are routinely flexed and extended. This can also result in injury, particularly for those who are already experiencing knee problems.

Advantages of the Elliptical #2: Ease of Use

For most people, the elliptical is far easier to use than the rower. This is largely because the elliptical follows natural movements that most people are accustomed to doing, while the rower is not a natural movement. In fact, the motions required when using a rower can be a bit difficult to achieve for those who have never rowed before. Furthermore, the rower requires a greater amount of coordination than the elliptical, which means it can be more difficult for the user to get a quality workout with a rower.

Advantages of the Elliptical #3: Quality of Workout

While the rower allows you to work out your upper and lower body as well as your cardiovascular system, the elliptical can help you achieve this more effectively. Not only does the elliptical work out more muscle groups, but it also allows you to change your routine in order to target different muscle groups. Pedaling in reverse rather than in a forward motion, for example, is a good way to change the muscle groups that are being targeted. Furthermore, by adjusting the resistance level, by changing the incline or by using one of the pre-programmed programs, you can change up your routine and make sure all of your muscles get the workout they need.

Advantages of the Elliptical #4: Stave Off Boredom

Another advantage to all of the routine, resistance and incline options is the fact that it helps prevent boredom from setting in. With rowers, there is not much variation in the routine, which means you are more likely to become bored with your workout more quickly. It is also impossible to read a magazine or book while working out with a rower, while it is often easy to do so while working out on an elliptical. With all of these options available to you, you are far more likely to stick with your routine when you choose the elliptical.

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