Are Portion Sizes Too Big?

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Portion Sizes According To The Experts

According to health experts at the NorthShore University HealthSystem, Americans are gaining substantial weight not necessarily by the food we’re eating, but by the amount of food we eat.  Learning to control portion sizes may be the key to weight loss and overall health.

In fact in 1971 only 15% of Americans were considered medically obese, compared to 36% in 2010.    So why has our nation gained so much weight?


Balancing Portion Sizes

When you think about consumption then vs. now, it’s easy to see just why so many of us struggle to maintain a healthy weight.   Food doesn’t come in properly proportioned segments, so it’s up to us to learn the right amount we are suppose to consume for a healthy weight.

While it’s true that many times we overeat, under-eating can also be a problem.  It can rob your body of necessary nutrients that it needs, and that’s where portion control comes in.

But often times it’s extremely difficult to differentiate between what a serving size should look like and what it does look like.   According to, “many portion sizes match up to everyday objects. This provides visual cues that make it easy to remember the size of one serving.”  You can also use your hand as a guide:

Focusing on portion sizes is an excellent way to control how much food you’re consuming to maintain a balance and healthy diet.

Helpful Tips also gives these helpful 7 tips for controlling portion sizes:

  1. Don’t skip meals
  2. Measure and weigh your food
  3. Know your “rules of thumb,” (meaning 3 ounces of meat is equal to a deck of cards)
  4. Serving size vs. portion size, keep in mind you may be eating twice the calories printed on the box
  5. Use portion-control plates
  6. Develop good “eating out” habits
  7. Plan your meals
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