Benefits of Owning a Sole Folding Treadmill

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Are you looking for the perfect treadmill for your home? If so, you might want to consider taking a closer look at the line of Sole folding treadmills. Not only do these treadmills offer all of the durability and quality construction that comes with all Sole treadmills, but they also provide the added convenience of easy storage when not in use. To that end, here is a look at just a few of the benefits of owning a Sole folding treadmill.

Double Horseshoe Folding Frame

All of Sole’s folding treadmills feature a folding frame that still manages to be more stable than most non-folding frames. Thanks to the design, the Sole folding treadmill can be easily moved from one room to the next. In fact, when folded up in the upright and locked position, the Sole folding treadmill is just as mobile as a moving dolly. Of course, the treadmill can also be folded up in order to create more space in the room while not in use.

Easy Assist Folding Deck

All Sole folding treadmills now feature the Easy Assist Folding Deck Design, which allows the user to release the deck and simply watch the deck unfold itself. Not only does this make unfolding the treadmill easier, it also makes it safer for the user.

Safety Lock Deck

In addition to increasing user safety through the Easy Assist Folding Deck Design, Sole folding treadmills also feature a Safety Lock Deck. This patented gear rack and pinion system allows the user to lock the deck in place while the treadmill is in an upright position. In this way, the user can rest assured the treadmill will remain in the proper position.

Message Board

Like the non-folding treadmills offered by Sole, the folding treadmills feature an integrated message board. The message board sends scrolling messages to help guide the user through the workout. The message board will even guide the user through the process of setting up a user profile workout. At the end of the workout, the message board recaps the workout so the user can more effectively monitor his progress.

Programmable Heart Rate Control

The foldable Sole treadmills also come complete with a Heart Rate Control feature, which provides options for individualizing the workout to meet each user’s needs. With this feature, the user’s heart rate is displayed on the console and the treadmill automatically adjusts the incline in order to maintain the target heart rate.

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