Popular Pins: September


Here are some popular pins from our Pinterest page during the month of September! After watching the Olympics this summer, we got to see just how true this really is. When you are tired, sweaty, worn out, busy, and just plain lacking motivation, remember this: everything that you are working for now will pay off in the future. It is all … [Read more...]

Popular Pins: June


Here are the popular pins from our Pinterest page during the month of June! Health and fitness is all about how you FEEL. So if you are feeling sluggish, tired and you are running low on confidence, then make an effort to make a change. The next time you want to make an unhealthy choice such as skipping a workout or overindulging in food … [Read more...]

4 Killer Outdoor Workouts


It’s summer time and that means you can work on both your tan and your fitness at the same time! So throw on a pair of shorts and some sunscreen and head outside for these 4 killer outdoor workouts 1. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and it is an excellent way to not only burn calories during your workout, but in the following … [Read more...]

6 Tips For A Healthy Weekend


After a week of phone calls, emails, schedules and appointments, it is important to take the weekend to enjoy yourself, unwind, and relax in a healthy way. Here are 6 tips for a healthy weekend! Get Active This one may be obvious but that because it’s so important, especially for those people who have a desk job. After 5 days of sitting at a … [Read more...]

Popular Pins: April


Check out the popular pins from Sole’s Pinterest page during the month of April. Healthy living is about more than working out 6 days a week or eating a salad for every meal. Healthy living is about adopting a healthy lifestyle. Sure, it’s great to work out every day, but if you are consistently eating unhealthy meals, you will likely see little … [Read more...]

Popular Pins: February

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Here are the popular pins from Sole's Pinterest page during the month of February. Enjoy! This quote can apply to a lot of different aspects of life, fitness included. Have you ever considered changing your eating habits and then realized it would be too hard? Perhaps you have looked into beginning a workout program and thought to yourself … [Read more...]

Diet and Exercise Myths You Need to Forget


There is a lot of information floating around in the health and fitness world and it can be overwhelming at times. It seems like every fact you hear about diet and exercise is later proven wrong. Will lifting weights really make me look bulky? Can I just do crunches if I want to have a six-pack? Here are 5 diet and exercise myths you need to … [Read more...]

5 Bodyweight HIIT Workouts


Getting an effective workout in does not always require a bunch of expensive equipment, and it certainly doesn't require a fancy gym membership. That's right, you can get a calorie blasting, heart pumping workout in all from the comfort of your own home using high intensity interval training, or HIIT. HIIT is an excellent and effective way to burn … [Read more...]

4 Healthy Morning Habits


Not everyone is a morning person. In fact, very few people are. But don't tell yourself that you can't be one, because you can! Becoming a morning person is all about developing healthy habits that will make waking up each morning easier and more enjoyable. Here are 4 Healthy Morning Habits to help you start your day on the best note possible! 1. … [Read more...]

How To Prepare For A Healthy 2016


Here are 7 tips on how to prepare for a healthy 2016! 1. Set SPECIFIC goals! What fitness goals do you want to achieve in 2016? Instead of setting vague goals for yourself such as “I want to lose weight in 2016," try setting specific goals that give you attainable milestones to strive for. For instance, you could set a goal to lose a few inches … [Read more...]