The Number One Rated Elliptical

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If you are in the market for a new elliptical then look no further. If you aren’t, you just might be after learning about the E95 Sole Elliptical. This machine was awarded “Best Elliptical” even when included in the above $2,000 price category. This product is only $1,699, which is a tremendous value for the number one rated elliptical. The E95 … [Read more...]

The Importance of Drinking Water


Whether you are an athlete or someone who exercises recreationally a few times a week, water is extremely important to the overall health of your body. In fact, your body is incapable of functioning without water. To illustrate the importance of drinking water, consider this; our bodies can go weeks without food if it has to, but we can only … [Read more...]

The Best Diet for Weight Loss

Weight Loss

With all of the different fad diets and misinformation that is floating around on the Internet and in the media, it can be difficult to determine what steps you can take toward losing weight. To achieve healthy weight loss, however, the steps that you should take are actually really quite simple. In fact, the tips below are the best diet for weight … [Read more...]

Will Skipping Meals Make You Fat?


We all have those busy days when we replace meals with higher priorities.  You may even feel like it’s helping to keep your stomach in check.  After all, skipping a meal means fewer calories, and fewer calories means the less fat, right?  While it may seem like a good idea the consequences of skipping a meal or two may be more detrimental than … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Drinking Water


Staying hydrated seems like a no-brainer, especially when you consider that 70% of the human body content is water.  But did you also know that your muscles are 75% water, and your bones contain as much as 25% water?  Water plays such an important role in the proper functioning of your body, especially when you consider how much of your body is … [Read more...]

Popular Pins: December

Sandwich Recipes

These pins were re-pinned way more than the others, so we wanted to share them here as well, along with their content! 1. Sole-spiration Yes, we did make that up, but you all love the motivational & inspirational message we share on Facebook and Pinterest. It's no wonder, so often, it's things we know. Seeing the motivational message makes … [Read more...]

5 Perfect Post Workout Meals

post workout protein

Here's to fueling the next workout! Stuck on what to eat post workout? We've compiled our top 5 post workout meals for you to replenish energy and build muscle. No matter what your goals are, chances are you're working hard to achieve them and the perfect post workout meals will help you do just that!   1. Maple Grilled Salmon  1/4 cup … [Read more...]