10 Best Running Trails in America

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The thousands of running trails across the United States offer a huge variety of terrain, landscape, and scenery. If you are a serious runner, you probably have a running bucket list- locations that offer beautiful trails that can't be seen from a car. We have compiled what we feel are the 10 best running trails in America to help you decide which … [Read more...]

Popular Pins: June


1. You Don't Need... In this world of high calorie "slimming" drinks, weight loss gadgetry and pills that make empty promises, it's easy to get lost.  This quote helps direct you to what has always worked for people -- running!  Just grab your shoes, put on some sweat-proof clothes and get to work!  Motivation seems to be one of most popular pins … [Read more...]

Popular Pins: May


1. How To Make Sobo's KILLER Fish Tacos How could you pass up these colorful tacos?  We certainly couldn't!  That's why they've made our list as one of our most popular pins.   Texas born chef Lisa Ahier moved to Canada to open a food truck against the advice of many around her.  Now she's a great resource for all those looking to spice things up … [Read more...]

Popular Pins: March

Beach Body Dinner Choices

1. Beach Body Dinners under 500 calories With Summer right around the corner it's no surprise this article, written by fitnessmagazine.com, was a huge hit!  By highlighting delicious meals promising to "shrink your waist and lose inches," how could we not share it?  Each of the recipes featured are under 500 calories, and not difficult or time … [Read more...]

6 Steps to Achieving your Fitness Goals

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The first time I remember being told to construct a goal was at 12 years old.  I'm sure there were even earlier goals set and obtained, but the first one I remember was as a pre-teen.  We were encouraged at school to write down what we wanted to be when we grew up, and then to research out the top three choices.  The next day we were taken to the … [Read more...]

Don’t Skip These Workout Stretches


Stretching can be just as important as your exercise- don't believe me? Stretches improve your workout both physically and mentally, here's how: Posture Releases tension Flexibility Decreases potential for injury Increases blood and nutrient flow to muscles Which workout stretches shouldn't you skip? 1. Forward bend: This workout … [Read more...]

Running Shoes 101

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Why Shoes Matter Shoes are the difference between running correctly, and therefore strong; or incorrectly, which can lead to major pains and future problems.   After all, running tends to be a life-long process, and do it the right way is the only option for sustained longevity. The first thing Mackenzie Lobby, a writer for Competitor Running, … [Read more...]

Sole Fitness Holiday Gift Guide

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We've got your back: Sole Fitness Holiday Gift Guide! We've put our heads together in order to give you some holiday gift guide suggestions for fitness enthusiasts! We've included a few Sole customer favorites along with some complementary products sure to enhance anyone's workout- tell us what you're wishing for this holiday season! 1. Foam … [Read more...]