Will Skipping Meals Make You Fat?


We all have those busy days when we replace meals with higher priorities.  You may even feel like it’s helping to keep your stomach in check.  After all, skipping a meal means fewer calories, and fewer calories means the less fat, right?  While it may seem like a good idea the consequences of skipping a meal or two may be more detrimental than … [Read more...]

Popular Pins: April


  1. 10 Satisfying Lunches that Aid Weight Loss from Pop Sugar When you're on a weight-loss journey, lunches out every day isn't part of the program, but there's nothing worse than putting in all the effort to pack a lunch only to feel famished just an hour after eating it.   Pinterest is a vast world of knowledge for helping guide you to … [Read more...]

How Exercise Can Help You Live Longer


We know that exercise has many worthwhile benefits, and many consider longevity as part of that package.  A healthy lifestyle can and will improve so many areas of your life, including extending it.  Incorporating as little as three miles a day of walking can mean the difference in years!  Let's take a closer look at some studies that prove daily … [Read more...]

Popular Pins: March

Beach Body Dinner Choices

1. Beach Body Dinners under 500 calories With Summer right around the corner it's no surprise this article, written by fitnessmagazine.com, was a huge hit!  By highlighting delicious meals promising to "shrink your waist and lose inches," how could we not share it?  Each of the recipes featured are under 500 calories, and not difficult or time … [Read more...]

6 Steps to Achieving your Fitness Goals

SMART-Goals (1)

The first time I remember being told to construct a goal was at 12 years old.  I'm sure there were even earlier goals set and obtained, but the first one I remember was as a pre-teen.  We were encouraged at school to write down what we wanted to be when we grew up, and then to research out the top three choices.  The next day we were taken to the … [Read more...]

The Addictive Nature of Junk Food


We have all seen the line at the local fast food chain (and let's face it, we've all probably been in it too.)  And according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the number is only growing.  Not to mention candy sales as consistent as growing gasoline prices.  So what makes junk food so addicting? A couple weeks ago we … [Read more...]

7 day Spring Training Challenge


With the added hours of sunshine that spring affords us, most of us will break our winter blues and head outside.   Spring is a time for renewal and cleanup, and that includes your workout routine.  Cleaning up your routine is just the start though, isn't it?  Spring training will also help kick start your training to obtain that killer summer … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Improve Running

motion blur athlete running

Running is one of the most enduring exercise methods, but are you utilizing it to it's fullest potential?  Below are 10 ways to improve running, and help you net the best quality run. 1. Relax Shoulders Relax your shoulders to allow for fluid, circular arm movements.  More like you’re chilling at the bar, than standing at military attention. 2. … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Drinking Water


Staying hydrated seems like a no-brainer, especially when you consider that 70% of the human body content is water.  But did you also know that your muscles are 75% water, and your bones contain as much as 25% water?  Water plays such an important role in the proper functioning of your body, especially when you consider how much of your body is … [Read more...]

Popular Pins: February

1. Fit Snacks

1. Fit Snacks On Our 'Stay-On-Track-Snacks' board - we feature snacks that will keep you fit and healthy.  They are aimed to curb those hunger pains in between meals.  From eating a banana post-exercise to clean eating portable snacks we hope this will inspire you to pick something healthy the next time you reach for food. 2. Most Underutilized … [Read more...]