Elliptical Workouts that Get Results

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Let’s face it – no matter how good your elliptical may be, you won’t get a good workout unless you know how to use it effectively. While any exercise will help to improve your health and your physique, finding the right ways to use your elliptical will help you get the best results as quickly as possible. By keeping these five tips in mind, you will experience elliptical workouts that get results.


Tip #1: Vary Your Routine


Varying your routine is an excellent way to get better results. Not only will this help to prevent boredom, which increases your chances of sticking to your routine, but it also helps you target different muscle groups. By varying your muscle groups, you get a better all-around workout that shapes and tones your entire body.


Tip #2: Change the Incline


High-quality ellipticals, such as those designed by Sole Fitness, will provide you with the option to change the angle of the incline ramp, which will help to increase the cardio while also targeting a different set of muscles. Ideally, you should search for an elliptical that allows you to achieve an incline of 40 degrees, but even 30 degrees will go a long way toward improving your workout.


Tip #3: Go in Reverse


Pedaling in reverse is an excellent way to hit different leg muscles while also working your core. Unfortunately, some ellipticals do not allow for backward motion and others do not count backward movement toward the total calories burned or the distance covered. Therefore, when searching for an elliptical, be sure to find one that allows for backward movement that also counts this movement toward your overall workout.


Tip #4: Engage in Interval Training


Interval training is an excellent way to get the most out of your workout. Research has shown that engaging in multiple short bursts of exercise can be just as effective as, or even more effective than, spending a long time workout out at a slower pace. If you choose an elliptical with various program options, you will likely have at least one program that is geared toward interval training. Be sure to use this program or an interval program of your creation on a regular basis.


Tip #5: Add Some Weights


Don’t forget that your elliptical can also be used along with other workout equipment to help create a varied and effective routine. If your workout schedule includes a weight training component, for example, you can jump on the elliptical between sets. By working out on the elliptical without using the handlebars in between sets, you can build your core muscles while also allowing your arms to rest and keeping your heart rate elevated.

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