How To Decide Which Elliptical Machine Is Right For You

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Sole E25 Elliptical-2013Choosing an elliptical machine is a process that is worthy of a bit of time and research. After all, buying an elliptical requires making a significant financial investment, so you want to be sure your dollars are well spent. To make sure you are making the right decision for both your lifestyle and fitness goals, there are several things you should keep in mind to find out how to decide which elliptical machine is right for you.

Considering the Price

Obviously, the price is one factor that you need to consider when choosing the elliptical machine that is right for you. Some higher-end ellipticals can cost several thousand dollars. On the other hand, low-end ellipticals can cost only a few hundred dollars. When examining price, however, it is also important to consider the overall value of the machine you are purchasing. Spending thousands of dollars does not necessarily mean you are getting the best value. At the same time, you don’t want to cut corners and purchase a cheap elliptical that will not provide you with the features you need.

Examining the Quality

You also need to consider the quality of the machine when choosing an elliptical. A quality machine is backed by a warranty on the fame as well as on parts and labor. If the manufacturer refuses to back the machine with a warranty or only provides coverage for a few months, you should certainly consider purchasing a different elliptical. The last thing you want is to have your investment breakdown and become worthless only months after you have purchased it.

Deciding Between Front Drive or Rear Drive Flywheels

Common knowledge suggests that ellipticals with rear drive flywheels are the best option. This is because front-drive ellipticals have extra linkage, which makes them susceptible to breaking down. The pedal design of front-drive models have also traditionally been more uncomfortable. High-quality machines with front-drive, such as those available through Sole, do not suffer from these problems. This is because Sole ellipticals feature durable, heavy flywheels as well as high gear ratios and an ergonomic pedal design.

Looking for Creature Comforts

You are more likely to stick with your exercise routine if your elliptical is comfortable and easy to use. You will also enjoy a better workout if your machine offers a variety of workout options. Therefore, you should look for a machine with plenty of creature comforts and workout routines. The ideal elliptical is one that can be used both backward and forward, that allows for adjustable levels of intensity and resistance, that features a port for your MP3 player, that has a built-in fan and that has a place for you to set your water bottle. Consider your current level of fitness as well as your fitness goals when determining how many programming options you need from your elliptical.

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