Kate Hudson’s New Affordable Workout Clothing Line: Fabletics

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If you haven’t heard about Kate Hudson’s workout clothing line, Fabletics, you will definitely want to check it out! Launched in last October, it has blown up on Facebook and other social media sites. What sets Fabletics apart from the others is the fact that you don’t have to break the bank to afford an outfit. Let’s face it: everyone loves cute, stylish workout clothing. But sometimes it’s hard to justify spending a fortune on it. With Fabletics, you get the best of both worlds: stylish, functional clothing with a reasonable price tag.

Why It’s Different

Fabletics is unique because you purchase pieces that have already been put together in outfits. Don’t be alarmed- all the pieces are versatile and you can mix and match after you have bought a few outfits. They have a huge variety of outfit options, from leggings and shorts to tank tops and shirts with sleeves. From form fitting and functional to slouchy and comfortable. No matter what you like, you are guaranteed to find something for you. All of the outfits come in at under $100, which is what you would pay for one piece and many other workout clothing stores.

The Value

But the real value is in their VIP member program. Here’s how it works: you pay $49.95 a month. Each month you are given a variety of outfit options, selected specifically for you based on your personal style and needs. Then you choose which one you want to purchase. If you are in the VIP program you get majorly discounted prices. Many of the outfits have VIP price of $49.95. If you choose one of those outfits, your monthly membership has already covered the cost. If it is more than that, you pay the difference. If you aren’t a fan of any outfit that month, you can simply skip it. If you choose to skip, make sure to do it by the 5th. This way you won’t be charged for anything- including your monthly membership!


The Perks

Other perks include 20% off your first purchase (even if you aren’t a member of the VIP program) or 50% off your first purchase if you sign up for the VIP program. On top of that, if you invite a friend to join the site and they make a purchase, you receive a $10 credit to put toward any outfit! Oh, and did we mention you will be entered for a $500 Fabletics shopping spree just for liking their Facebook page?

Kate Hudson’s workout clothing line is everything you want it to be. The pieces are top quality, functional, high performance, and stylish. All that with a price that can’t be beat! To sign up for a free membership and see what the site is all about, click here.

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