How to Get the Best Workout on Your Exercise Bike

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An exercise bike is an excellent choice for getting yourself into better shape. In order to get the most from your exercise bike, however, it is important to know how to use it to get the best workout possible. While your exact exercise routine will vary depending upon your fitness goals and your current level of fitness, there are several basics … [Read more...]

How To Decide Which Elliptical Machine Is Right For You

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Choosing an elliptical machine is a process that is worthy of a bit of time and research. After all, buying an elliptical requires making a significant financial investment, so you want to be sure your dollars are well spent. To make sure you are making the right decision for both your lifestyle and fitness goals, there are several things you … [Read more...]

How to Choose Between an Upright and a Recumbent Bike


While upright bikes have long been used by those who wish to get into better shape, recumbent bikes have grown in popularity over the last few years. Still, for some, an upright bike may be a better option. Therefore, it is important to explore the pros and cons of both options when and find out how to choose between an upright and a recumbent … [Read more...]

How to Build Endurance on an Exercise Bike

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If you are interested in building your cardio endurance, an exercise bike is one option that is worth exploring. While exercise bikes do not provide the best all-around workout option, they can serve as an excellent starting point for anyone who is trying to get into better shape.  Here are some great tips on how to build endurance on an exercise … [Read more...]

Elliptical vs Exercise Bike


Elliptical vs Exercise Bike Whether you want to lose weight, get in better shape or simply maintain the shape that you are in, purchasing exercise equipment is a great way to accomplish these goals. To ensure you get the results you desire, it is important to know about the different types of exercise equipment available and what each type has to … [Read more...]

What to Look for When Buying a Sole Stationary Bike

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Purchasing a stationary bike is the first step toward getting yourself in better shape. Whether you want to tone your body, burn calories or improve your cardiovascular endurance, a stationary bike can help you achieve these goals. In order to get the results you desire, however, you should know what to look for when buying a Sole stationary … [Read more...]

The Top Ways to Get Toned and Lose Weight on an Elliptical


 The elliptical is an excellent tool for losing weight and toning your body. Of course, in order to get the results you desire, you need to know how to use the elliptical to its fullest potential. By keeping a few simple tips in mind,  you are sure to shed those extra pounds and get the muscle tone you desire.  Below are the top ways to get toned … [Read more...]

The Similarities and Differences of Running and Using an Elliptical

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If you are trying to get into better shape or if you simply want to maintain your current level of fitness, you may be debating between running or using an elliptical. To help with making this decision, it is beneficial to explore the similarities and differences of running and using an elliptical. In this way, you can better determine which option … [Read more...]

Do Sole Treadmills Have a Good Warranty?


When comparing all of the different brands and models of treadmills that are available, there are many factors that you need to take into consideration. In addition to considering the size of the motor, the length and width of the deck and the extra amenities, such as cup holders and built-in speakers, you should also pay particular attention to … [Read more...]

Sole SB700 Bike Light Commercial (2013 Model) Review


Providing excellent workout opportunities for both the indoor and outdoor cyclist, the 2013 Sole SB700 Bike Light Commercial bike offers a comfortable workout with an affordable piece of equipment.  At the same time, with its numerous program options and capabilities, the 2013 Sole SB700 Bike Light Commercial bike offers a challenging workout that … [Read more...]