Popular Pins: December

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These pins were re-pinned way more than the others, so we wanted to share them here as well, along with their content!

1. Sole-spiration

Yes, we did make that up, but you all love the motivational & inspirational message we share on Facebook and Pinterest. It’s no wonder, so often, it’s things we know. Seeing the motivational message makes all the difference, and it doesn’t hurt if there is a great image that goes along with it!

2. Green Machine Smoothie

It’s easy enough to make & good for you to boot. Our ‘Liquid-Gold’ Pinterest board does particularly well, everyone loves a good fresh juice or smoothie. You can make this Green Machine smoothie with the following:

1/2 c. frozen peaches

1/2 c. frozen pineapple

5-8 spinach leaves

3/4 c. greek yogurt

3/4 c. orange juice

1 banana

3. 15-Minute Fat Burner

Who doesn’t love a quick workout! This pin’s popularity is no surprise. By doing each exercise for 1 minute, you get a great little workout, and for extra credit you can repeat 1 or 2 times.

4. Healthy Lunch-time Sandwich’s

Do many of you brown-bag-it? Pop Sugar Fitness pinned this one and provided you with 16 sandwich ideas sure you shake-up lunch- delicious!

Keep pinning with us!

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