Popular Pins: January

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1. On our ‘Sweat in Style’ board- we feature a few celebs!

From Megan Fox to Victorias’s Secret supermodels, the paparazzi is always catching celebs in and out of their gyms or trainers. We love getting fitness gear tips from our customers, they always introduce us to brands we’ve never heard of, which is awesome. This board is chock-full of fitness gear perfect for lounging or breaking a sweat- we’re glad you love it! Check out more fitness style here.

2. Sore or Sorry?

Our Sole-spiration board is always popular, sometimes it features some tough love, sometimes it just brightens your day, but it’s always well-liked! It doesn’t get a simple as this; workout today and you won’t feel bad tomorrow- we like this forward-thinking! Follow our Sole-spiration board here.

3. Stay-on-track Snacks

This board is perfect for those of us who need new ideas on staying mindful about snacking, or for those of us trying to shed some pounds. Snacking is important for the metabolism, but what you nibble on makes all the difference. This particular pin features peanut butter and banana, what’s not to love? Follow our healthy snacks board here.

4. Food as Medicine

It’s true that many health problems can be treated or even cured with diet. While research is being conducted in regards to gluten, sugar, protein & more; we know one thing is true, minimal processing is always best! Skip the junk and you’ll feel 100% better.

What’s your favorite Sole Pinterest board?

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