Popular Pins: March

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1. Beach Body Dinners under 500 calories

With Summer right around the corner it’s no surprise this article, written by fitnessmagazine.com, was a huge hit!  By highlighting delicious meals promising to “shrink your waist and lose inches,” how could we not share it?  Each of the recipes featured are under 500 calories, and not difficult or time consuming to make; in other words, a win-win (and at Sole we are all about the win-wins.) Our favorite was the Double Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry, although we’re fairly sure there isn’t a dud in the mix!

2. Nicole Ritchie’s Workout Style

It was no surprise that Nicole Ritchie stood out on our Sweat In Style board, wearing a black top and bottom with pops of color.  It’s a great blend of fashion and functionality.  We applaud celebrities who actually look like they’re going to work up a sweat.   Of course she dresses it up with Illesteva sunglasses and Balenciaga bag as she heads to her gym, but she’s ready to workout with quality Asics running shoes and a fitted and flexible outfit.  Get a similar look here at lulu lemon.

3. Clean Eating Grocery List

Most of our cell phones allow us to make a list anywhere, but why not take it one step further by viewing this pre-constructed list of essentials?  This grocery list constructed by Cassey’s and highlighted on EatNutritious’s Twitter page contains all the foods we should have in our kitchen.   It also breaks down simple rules on cooking and consumption, like steaming or grilling meats and veggies, and saving the popular fruit for dessert.  Overall we found it so good we had to include it on our Eat To Live: Quick Reference board, so instead of making lists in the future just subscribe to our board (if you haven’t already) and cut down on the phone clutter.

4. 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods

Being healthy is not just a state of mind, but a state of life.  There has been so much interest, especially lately, on the foods that we consume.  This guide helps clarify which ones are actually healthy, and omits the ones that hide behind a group in an antiquated pyramid.  At Sole we take it one step further, by finding foods that are going to energize you and help propel you to your fitness goals.  This post featured some surprisingly healthy culprits you may have not considered, such as: guava, dark chocolate and lychee.  It also highlighted some more familiar foods such as flaxseed and greek yogurt.  Either way you know why it’s “ridiculously” healthy, and that we’ve included it to fuel your body for your next workout.

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