Popular Pins: May

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1. How To Make Sobo’s KILLER Fish Tacos

How could you pass up these colorful tacos?  We certainly couldn’t!  That’s why they’ve made our list as one of our most popular pins.   Texas born chef Lisa Ahier moved to Canada to open a food truck against the advice of many around her.  Now she’s a great resource for all those looking to spice things up in the kitchen.  She’s sharing some of her favorite recipes in her new cookbook, The SOBO Cookbook.   With fresh fruit salsa, seasonal fish and the ability to be flexible with the recipe it’s no wonder you fell in love with it as much as we did!  For more delicious recipes like this one, please visit our Pinterest board: Eat to Live.

2. “You Never Know Who Needs You…”

Good energy is contagious!  We thought this was such a great quote, sure to inspire those of you who have role models big or small.  Let’s put out good energy in the world, infecting the population to get up and live a healthier lifestyle.  How often have we exchanged a bad habit for a good one based upon a friend or family member doing it?  It’s this type of perpetual energy that moves people in positive directions, and anything that encourages that is ok by us.  In fact, it’s part of our goal here at Sole.  This popular post allows us to help spread that good energy!  For more inspirational quotes, look at our Pinterest board: Sole-spiration.

3.  She’s Got Legs

With this easy to follow workout from Mackinreviews on ‘health’ hub, you too can have legs for days! While it may be straight forward and simple to follow, the workout is no child’s play.  With an inverted pyramid sytle workout regime, you can expect to have sore legs the next day (along with the beautiful tone that is sure to follow!)  Please let us know how this has helped shape your legs, we hope you all with use workouts like this one in tandem with our machines to perfect and tailor a workout designed for you.  For more popular workout tips and tricks follow our Pinterest board found here.

4. “You’re allowed to scream,

We allow you to cry and scream, but giving up isn’t an option.  Here at Sole we understand that working hard to achieve your best can often be a difficult and trying road.  We also understand how sweet the rewards can be.  Because of this it is in our best interest, and yours, to push you to those goals.  This is summarized perfectly in this quote from hplyrikz.com.   Find more inspirational quotes on our Pinterest board, Sole-spiration!

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