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F80_back_2Whether you are trying to lose weight, to improve your health or to train for athletic purposes, using Sole running treadmills can help you achieve your goals. Of course, in order to use a running treadmill effectively, it is important to purchase the right type of treadmill and to understand the pros and cons of running versus walking.

Exploring the Pros and Cons of Running

While there is no doubt that running burns more calories than walking if you engage in both activities at the same time, there are some potential downsides to running. For example, running can be far more stressful on the joints, particularly when it is done outside on an asphalt surface. Therefore, in order to minimize joint strain, many choose to run on a treadmill instead. Similarly, you are far more likely to experience an injury from running than you are from walking. If you already suffer from joint or muscle problems, if you are significantly overweight or if you are of very poor health, starting off with a running routine may be a bad idea.

Another benefit to running is that many people experience a “runner’s high” after getting in a good run. As such, running can offer some positive mental benefits. At the same time, walking can provide you with the opportunity to socialize and to calm down after a hard day. This can also provide some positive mental benefits. Therefore, you should consider your personal preference when determining which option provides the best mental benefit.

Simply put, choosing between running and walking is a decision that needs to be based on your personal preferences, your current condition and your lifestyle. If you do decide to run, however, it is essential to select the right type of treadmill. Not only will this help you get the most effective workout possible, but it will also help keep injuries at bay.

Choosing a Quality Running Treadmill

When looking at Sole running treadmills, there are several things to take into consideration. One thing you should consider is the type of technology that is used in the deck. Ideally, you should select a treadmill that has been specifically designed with the runner in mind. These treadmills will use shock absorption technology that helps to reduce stress on the joints. If you plan to run on your Sole treadmill, it is also best to purchase one that can achieve speeds of up to 12 mph. While a treadmill that can reach speeds of 10 or 11 mph may be sufficient, these treadmills are typically best-suited to those who plan to walk instead of run.

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