Sole S73 Treadmill Review

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Are you interested in a non-folding treadmill for your home? If so, you might want to consider the Sole S73 Treadmill. Not only does the Sole S73 offer an excellent value, but it also features many of the characteristics that are commonly found in only high-quality club treadmills. With the Sole S73, you can get an excellent workout without having to pay high-end prices. Check out our Sole S73 Treadmill Review!

Push Your Workout Further with the Sole S73 Treadmill

With all of its features and options, the Sole S73 Treadmill makes it possible to push yourself to the next level with your workout. While some treadmills cap off at just 10 or 11 mph, the Sole S73 Treadmill can achieve speeds ranging from 0.5 to 12 mph.  The Sole S73 Treadmill can also be set at an incline of up to 15 percent, making it possible to increase your cardio load while also targeting different muscle groups.

With the wireless chest strap and heart rate control system, you can also easily monitor your heart rate to ensure you are staying within your target heart rate zone. Whether you are a casual user who simply wants to improve your health or a serious athlete, the Sole S73 Treadmill can easily suit your needs.

Vary Your Workout and Stay on Track with the Sole S73 Treadmill

In addition to offering various speeds and levels of incline, the Sole S73 Treadmill features a number of elements that will help you stay on track with your workout. Not only can you select from six different pre-programmed programs, two user-defined programs and two heart rate programs, but the Sole S73 Treadmill also features built-in speakers, an MP3 hookup and built-in fans. Meanwhile, the back-lit blue LCD display makes it easy to monitor your workout and to view things such as your incline, the distance you have traveled, the amount of calories you have burned, your speed, time, pace and pulse. With the Sole S73 Treadmill’s 20 x 60 running surface and 30 x 80 Cushion Flex Shock Absorption Whisper Deck, you also enjoy plenty of running space on a surface that helps to keep shock to a minimum.

Workout with Confidence When You Buy the Sole S73 Treadmill

After investing in a treadmill, the last thing you want is to have to replace it within a year. With the Sole S73 Treadmill, this is not a concern. With its 3.0 HP continuous duty ultra high torque motor, its double woven 2-ply belt and its 2¾ inch rollers, the Sole S73 is rated for users weighing up to 350 pounds.  Sole is so confident in the construction of the Sole S73 Treadmill that it is backed by an extensive warranty. Under the terms of the warranty, labor is covered for two years, parts and electronics are covered for five years and the frame, deck and motor are covered for life.

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