Sole TT8 Treadmill Review

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Whether you are a business owner in need of a treadmill for your establishment or a homeowner who wants a commercial-quality treadmill, you might want to consider purchasing the Sole TT8 Treadmill. Designed to offer the same features and durability as leading commercial brands, the Sole TT8 offers the same level of quality at a fraction of the cost. While comparable treadmills typically cost upwards of $5,000, the Sole TT8 Treadmill is a non-folding treadmill with a price tag of less than $3,000.

Achieve Your Health Goals with the Sole TT8 Treadmill

Just as is the case with the other non-folding treadmills in the Sole line of treadmills, the Sole TT8 Treadmill is capable of reaching speeds of up to 12 mph. It can also achieve an incline of up to 15 percent, thereby allowing you to increase the level of cardio while also targeting different muscle groups. Offering six standard programs, two user-defined programs and two heart rate programs to select from, you can enjoy a different workout every time you get on the Sole TT8 Treadmill. With its Polar chest strap and Heart Rate Control system, the Sole TT8 Treadmill also allows you to easily monitor your heart rate and ensure you maintain your target heart rate.

Enjoy a Comfortable Workout with the Sole TT8 Treadmill

The Sole TT8 Treadmill offers a number of features that are meant to make your workout more enjoyable. Some of the creature comforts that come standard with the Sole TT8 Treadmill include a built-in fan, an MP3 hookup and built-in speakers. The Sole TT8 Treadmill also comes with a 22″ x 60″ running surface, providing you with plenty of room to achieve a full stride. The 32″ x 30″ Cushion Flex Shock Absorption Whisper Deck also helps to absorb shock and reduce stress on your body’s muscles and joints.

Bring Home Quality with the Sole TT8 Treadmill

As would be expected from a commercial-quality treadmill, the Sole TT8 Treadmill is made from some heavy duty equipment. With its 3.5 HP continuous duty ultra high torque motor, 2-ply belt and 3 inch rollers, the Sole TT8 Treadmill is rated for users weighing up to 300 pounds. Sole is so confident in the construction and quality of the Sole TT8 Treadmill that it is backed by an extensive warranty. If you purchase the treadmill for home use, the labor is covered for two years, the parts and electronics are covered for five years and the frame, deck and motor are covered for life. If you are purchasing the Sole TT8 Treadmill for commercial use, the warranty covers labor for one year, parts and electronics for three years and the frame and motor for life.

Sole TT8 Treadmill Reviews:

I have been researching treadmills for a long time now. I wanted to make sure that I purchased a treadmill that could withstand many, many, miles. I run marathons and ultra marathons so I didnt want a flimsy pc of equipment, but at the same time I didnt want to spend 5k either. I once ran a marathon(26.2) on the treadmill at my gym just for fun. All of my research lead me to this 2011 Sole TT8, and now that I’m running on it I see why. This is a solid pc of equipment and stands up to the treadmills in the Gym, maybe even better. For 2,300 dollars I cant imagine that there is a better treadmill on the market, you just have to run on it one time to see what I’m talking about.
I did read that you can assemble this in about 15 minutes, maybe if you work for Sole and put treadmills together for a living it would be possible, otherwise you are looking at about an hour or more. Pretty simple assembly though, nothing complicated.
Very happy with my purchase.
-Mike C (Amazon)

First off let me say i dislike running on treadmills as they can be very boring. I purchased this treadmill based on consumer reviews and ratings. Mine was delivered within 4 days and they carried it into my house to the area that i wanted. I assembled it myself in about 1 hour with ease by following simple directions. Very sturdy (Built like a Tank) and very heavy. Smooth running treadmill no jerky movements and all functions work exceptional. I rate this product excellent.
-Dale E

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