Treadmill Workout Ideas

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To help keep boredom at bay and to ensure you continue with your workout plans, you might want to consider putting some of these treadmill workout ideas in place.


Treadmill Workout Idea #1: Listen to Music

Perhaps the most popular way to pass time on the treadmill is to listen to music. Whether you listen to your MP3 player on shuffle or you create a CD or playlist specifically for your workout, listening to music can help give you something else to think about besides how many more minutes you have left on the treadmill. You can also use your time on the treadmill to explore new music or to reconnect with some of your favorite bands that have been gathering dust over the years.


Treadmill Workout Idea #2: Catch Up On Your Reading

You can also pass the time away by reading a book or magazine while you work out. If your treadmill does not come complete with a book holder, you can purchase one to attach to the treadmill. If you have difficulty reading the print as you bounce around on the treadmill, you might want to consider purchasing a reader such as a Kindle or a Sony eReader, as these readers allow you to increase the font to a more comfortable size. Another option is to purchase books on tape or CD. If you are an avid reader who has trouble finding time to read, you might actually find yourself looking forward to your workout so you can read a great book.


Treadmill Workout Idea #3: Watch Your Favorite Shows and Movies

If you enjoy watching TV and movies, your treadmill workout can provide you with the perfect guilt-free time to watch your favorite shows and movies. If you get engrossed in a good television show or movie, the time will surely pass by quickly. Furthermore, by watching television and movies during your workout, you make the most efficient use of your time. With the shrinking costs of televisions, you would not have to make much of an investment in order to add a television to the room you have designated as your workout space.

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