Treadmill Workouts that Tone

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When it comes to working out with a treadmill, most people are focused on weight loss or building their cardio and endurance. While the treadmill is an excellent tool to help achieve these goals, it can also be used to help tone your body and improve your overall physique. If you want to tone your body, try these treadmill workouts that tone!


Toning Tip #1: Use the Incline Feature

Using the incline feature on your Sole treadmill is an excellent way to help with targeting various muscle groups. Of course, the incline feature also helps to increase your cardio activity, which helps to burn fat. By burning fat and toning your muscles at the same time, you will create an overall more attractive physique.

Toning Tip #2: Combine with Weight Training

Another way to tone with the help of your treadmill is to combine treadmill training with a weight training routine. As anyone who has engaged in a weight training program can tell you, you need to give your arms a bit of time to recover between each set. During this time, you can jump on the treadmill in order to keep your heart rate elevated. Your weight training program will help tone your muscles, while the time you spend on the treadmill will help tone your leg muscles and your core while also burning away extra fat. By burning off extra fat, you will be better able to see the muscle that you are building underneath.


Toning Tip #3: Engage in Interval Training

Interval training can also help with toning your quadriceps and hamstrings. When engaging in interval training for the purpose of toning, jog at a comfortable pace for about two minutes before increasing your speed and incline for about one minute. Then, repeat this process several times throughout your workout. As you build up your endurance and strength, increase the speed and incline that you achieve during your high-speed interval.


Toning Tip #4: Workout Sideways

Another way to tone your body with a treadmill is to use the treadmill in a sideways position. While this will likely be uncomfortable and awkward at first, you will become used to the movement and your abductors and adductors will benefit greatly. When working out on the treadmill in a sideways fashion, be sure to reduce the speed to a speed you are comfortable with and to hold on to the handlebars. Furthermore, you should switch sides and do the routine for the same amount of time on each side in order to give the muscles on both legs the workout they need.


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