Use Your Treadmill For These 5 Exercises

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Like most worthwhile exercise equipment, the treadmill (especially the Sole Treadmill!) can be utilized for so much more than its intended purpose.  Speaking of multi-purpose equipment:  here are 5 simple, yet effective, exercises that can boost your treadmill workout.  Below, Fitnessista shows us how:

1. Inverted Rows:  Bring the treadmill to a complete stop and step to either side of the belt.  Using the handrails perform a pull-up type movement, while keeping your hips lifted and squeezing your booty.

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2. V-ups and windshield wipers: Stop the treadmill belt, and once it has fully halted, sit down on the belt directly under the handrails, facing away from the control panel.  Hold both hands on the rails and slightly lean back while targeting your core.  Exhale as you raise your legs, and then inhale as you lower them towards the belt.  Try not to touch the belt and exhale to lift again.  Repeat as desired.  For a more aggressive workout, try a windshield wiper-style movement from side to side.

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3. Push-ups:  place your feet on either side of the belt and perform pushups with hands wide on the handrails.  Exhale on the way up and think about bringing your chest to the bar, not your forehead to the control panel.

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4. Walking Lunges:  Take long, steady steps, so its recommend to reduce speed dramatically to get in a long walking lunge.  Keep stable and lunge straight down watching your front knee to ensure it doesn’t shoot forward.


5. Bicep curls: Curl using your bicep as you climb up a steep incline.  You may also select to preform unilateral curls or hammer curls to add variety.

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Sole Editor Note: As with any rigorous exercise, please use caution while preforming the exercises suggested above. If you feel that you are at risk while attempting maneuvers, please stop or consult your physician.  

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