Where is the Best Place to Buy a Sole Treadmill?

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Sole F63 Treadmill DisplayIf you are interested in purchasing a Sole treadmill, you have many options to select from. In addition to finding that there are several stores throughout the United States that offer Sole treadmills for sale, you can also choose to purchase your Sole treadmill online. While the best option is a matter of personal opinion, most buyers find that purchasing their Sole treadmill online is far better than buying from a brick and mortar store.

For most people, the greatest benefit to purchasing a Sole treadmill is the fact that it provides the opportunity to test out the treadmill. By purchasing from a brick and mortar store, you also have the option to complete side-by-side comparisons of various brands and models. Still, even for those who want to enjoy the hands-on experience of shopping for a treadmill, it is often still best to make the final purchase online.

When buying a Sole treadmill online, you enjoy numerous benefits. First, delivery to your home is free when you purchase your Sole treadmill online. If you wish to have the package delivered into your home, however, you will need to pay an extra $99. Similarly, if you want to have your treadmill assembled in the room of your choice, you will need to pay $239. While Sole does not recommend this option because the company believes the treadmill is relatively easy to assemble, it is an excellent option for those who simply do not have the time or patience to assemble the treadmill on their own.

In addition to offering free shipping as well as additional shipping options for those who want a bit more help with the deliver, the online Sole store also offers prices matching. Therefore, if you find a store that is willing to sell its Sole treadmill at a price that is below the online price, the online store will match that price.

Of course, purchasing a piece of workout equipment from an online store can be a bit scary, particularly if you have never actually had the opportunity to test the treadmill out beforehand. To help ease your concerns, the online Sole store offers a 30 day trial period during which you can return the product if you are unsatisfied for no reason. Through this no-questions-asked guarantee, you are free to try the treadmill in your home for up to 30 days. If you are unhappy, you can return the treadmill and you will receive a full refund of your purchase price as well as the cost of shipping to and from your home, minus an 8 percent restocking fee.

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