Will Skipping Meals Make You Fat?

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We all have those busy days when we replace meals with higher priorities.  You may even feel like it’s helping to keep your stomach in check.  After all, skipping a meal means fewer calories, and fewer calories means the less fat, right?  While it may seem like a good idea the consequences of skipping a meal or two may be more detrimental than helpful to your weight loss goals.  Skipping that measly little lunch may actually be the culprit sabotaging your weight loss.

Distorted Metabolism

One of the key reasons why omitting meals is harmful is that it alters your metabolism.  In many ways, a metabolism is like a muscle.  You need to work it to keep it strong.  When you don’t put food in your body your metabolism has nothing to do, and it begins to slow down.  The longer you go without food, the slower your metabolism will work to break down food.  That in turn means more of that food will be stored into fat.  Go ahead and ask your fittest friends, co-workers or even trainers and they’ll all tell you that eat regularly throughout the day is key.  Some may even tell you to eat snacks in-between meals to keep your metabolism working hard.

Insufficient Nutrition

Fueling your body with the right amount of nutrients is essential to weight loss and management.  While it’s true that hamburger meal with extra sauce won’t do you any weight loss favors, replacing it with nothing may be just as harmful.  As we’ve said, consistency is important, but so is eating the right foods.  In a way the right foods at the right time can make all the difference.  We all need a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean meats in order to function.  A healthy food intake can also safeguard you against illness and ensure you are at your peak.  Providing your body with what it needs will help you actually lose weight in a healthy and proficient manner.  Feeding your body with the right kinds of foods, and often, will help you reach your fitness goals.

How To Get Started

We suggest you sit down and plan times to eat.  By scheduling it out on a calendar it’ll be harder for you to forget.  Trust us we know what a busy schedule looks like, and how it’s easy to forget to feed that fitness machine!  There are many fitness apps that track calories and diet, and we recommend downloading one that fits your needs.  And if you need help with a food plan, try this one from the USDA.  Remember, don’t skip lunch!  Go fuel your body with some healthy food!

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