Yoga for Runners- Should You Strike a Pose?

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We recently did a Facebook post on ‘Yoga for Runners’ that got us thinking…

Are you a 'Yunner'?

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Why do 36% of runners practice yoga?

  1. Yoga lengthens and strengthens muscles making you a better runner: Dedicated runners often suffer from tight leg muscles that in turn make their bodies unstable. Not stretching properly shortens and tightens muscles causing imbalance that your body will compensate for by adding pressure to joints, muscles and bones on not only the legs, but also the back!  
  2. Yoga helps reduce fatigue: Yoga can relieve stress and improve sleep; something we could all benefit from! This also contributes to reduced tension physically because yoga realigns the body and releases tension from connective tissue.
  3. Yoga teaches you to breathe better than you ever have: Practicing yoga can improve your lung capacity which results in improved endurance.
  4. Yoga helps prevent injury: By stretching and strengthening those muscles, you increase flexibility and ultimately avoid repeat injuries.

 Still not sold?

We loved this great article in CNN written by John Farah. He’s the co-author of “Let’s Pick it up a Bit” and he’s run more than 430 races and 123 marathons.

“Are you kidding?” I said. “I can’t stand still for two minutes, and you want me to do yoga?” -John Farah 

That was back in the 70’s, but as John became more and more prone to injury, he found his yoga ‘poison’ in power yoga, a variety that includes constant motion and no props. He’s been avoiding injuries and improving his poses, but he swears it’s greater than that.

“Call it a cliche, but yoga really does feed your soul as much as it does your body.” -John Farah

So get started:

Try these yoga poses to improve & recover from running!

Try these yoga poses to improve & recover from running!

Try some of these yoga poses above at home or in a local studio and let us know how you do!


The Sole Team

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